in hospital after seizure

Father’s in hospital.  He’d had a seizure, so Laura called 911.  They say he’ll be there for a few days.  As it turns out, they’d misjudged how much medication he needs to control the seizures.  He’s now on 5 tablets rather than 2 per day.

Today I saw Father at the hospital.  He was curled up in a ball on his hospital bed.  Laura said, “Justin’s here.”  He looked and asked me how I was doing.  Not bad, I said, and how was he.  “Not worth a shit,” he replied.  Laura and I fed him some Tim Horton’s coffee by way of straw.  We had some small talk for a while.  He asked where the bathroom was – number two – but Laura said he could just use his nappies.  Not very appealing, I know, but I dare say he’s used to that by now.  He asked, “How’s your old mother doing?”  I said she was a little slow but doing the best she can and that Floyd was getting a little slower these days but in good health.

When I got back, he was getting a little sleepy.  I offered him some more coffee.  I put the straw to his lips, but he didn’t respond, so I just put my hand on his head and told him … some sort of well-being wishes – can’t remember what.  Laura and I talked for a bit, and then it was time to go.  I gave his shoulder a hug, hissed his head, told him I love him and to take care, and left.

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