Laura settled

The lawyer cut a cheque to Laura just before Christmas 2019.  She did exactly what she asked me not to do – to involve lawyers.  In the end I offered her about the same as what Aizlynn and I agreed upon three years ago, so nobody was ahead except the lawyers.  But to those who questioned me paying her, my explanation is that a) she deserved to be paid, something Aizlynn and I talked about long ago, and b) this was Father’s life, offering Laura a place to live, and this was the result.  No, she didn’t get the truck.  She did take money I gave her to move out (still paying interest on my line of credit for that).  She took the antique tractor and sold it to Barry for $1000.  A guy showed up one day while I was cleaning and said that Laura told him to come by anytime he wanted to get some tools, so I know others must have been by as well.  Her uncle, daughter, and another guy all lived there, too.  Cash died the day before I arrived.  The chickens are gone.  Too bad this kind of thing happens, but this is the situation left when Father died.  Laura is finally out of the picture, as is Tammy.  All that is in the past though.  Nothing left but the legacy.

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