house sold, estate not yet settled

It is official – Father’s house in Rosedale, BC is now sold.  The closing date was October 25, 2019.  I have taken as much as I want out of the house, shop, and property, and the rest is left to the new owners.

However, Laura Bowman has now filed suit against the Estate.  She expects to be paid $90,000 for looking after Father from when he slipped and fell on the ice until his death, about 16 months, claiming that she is worth $8000 per month.  My claims are that, although she did look after him, she did not give that level of care; she left the property in a terrible state; and she had two years of rent-free living at Father’s property.  It is now in negotiations with the lawyers.

It is too bad that this has come to pass.  I hope and pray that all this will be cleared up soon and that Father’s legacy will not be remembered with bitterness toward other people.

P.S. No, Laura did not get Father’s Ram truck.  I could not find anything that stated he willed it to her.

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