of greed and bureaucracy

This isn’t really an update to say that something in particular happened.  It’s just an update showing the slow grind of bureaucracy in the BC government, unwillingness of CIBC estate department to cooperate, the communist mindset of ICBC (excluding some helpful agents and clerks), lawyers waiting for the latest process update before starting the next process (when it could have been started long before), the greed of Tammy Williams and Laura Bowman, and the pokiness of the process of selling a house.

And, guess what – I’m the Executor left in charge, so I can make this claim. It is my mindset that Aizlynn and I should not have been forced a year after Tammy filed a claim against the Estate.  She knew damn well what the Will stated to “divide the rest and residue of my Estate (to) who are alive then, for their own use absolutely.”  This is unfortunate for Les (Jr.) as it excluded him.  Let it be known that I had nothing to do with this.  How could I?  I’m just the horse’s ass that had to carry out the instructions on the Will.  Does anyone know how much work being an Executor is?  I wouldn’t wish that appointment on anybody.  So, Tammy’s insistence that I had a) hidden a Will and b) that I tried to convince Father of changing his will is absolutely baseless.  I had as much ability to change Father’s Will as my neighbour Joe down the street.  When all this is settled, when the final papers are signed and the Estate is closed, I will make a statement on this.  But, for now, I cannot.

Laura spent money hiring a lawyer to get a settlement.  She got less during this process than the I, the Executor, would have offered her.  She did what she asked me not to do – go through “proper channels” (lawyers) to get her pound of flesh.  Going through this process opened it up to multiple parties negotiating a settlement, and this resulted in a smaller settlement than what I would have, in time, agreed to.  Also, she had to pay the lawyer a fee of, likely, about $6000 from her settlement.  Greed once again made her lose out.

No, she didn’t get the Ram truck, for those who keep asking.

The buyer of the house and property kept asking me over and over if I planned to sell to him.  I told him time and time again that his offer was acceptable and that I would not change my mind.  In the end, I did not.  But people don’t rely on anyone’s word anymore, do they?  Plus, he was a Real Estate agent and could do all the paperwork himself, lessening the cost for the Estate.  As well, he purchased it “as-is”, “without warrantee whatsoever”, meaning I didn’t have to beautify the property to sell it.  I did, however, clean as much of Laura’s crap out of the garage as I could, taking three full pickup loads to the dump, rat shit and all.  As a housewarming gift, I sent the buyer Father’s skates as he had a collection of hockey memorabilia.  He offered to buy them while viewing the house, but I declined at the time so I could ask Aizlynn.

Father has been gone for several years now and likely isn’t coming back.  Yet, we still wait.

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