house for sale

Father’s house is unofficially for sale.  I have had offers on it, but I will not make a decision until I’m in Rosedale / Chilliwack.  I will also have meetings with two real estate agents about selling it.  Unfortunately, I cannot live there.  It’s way too much house and expense for one guy (me).  I’ll probably be selling it during the last week of August, 2019.

If you have made an offer on it and I haven’t replied back to you in a while, please remind me.  There is a lot on my plate these days – car accident, Mother, Floyd, friends, neighbours, looking for work, working part-time – not making excuses – just time is not my own sometimes.  Please remind me if you’re interested.

Laura will continue to look after the house – including Cash (the dog, not money), the chickens, Mousetrap (the cat), and her own dog – until she is able to find another.  I’m sure she is taking good care of Father’s house.

I’ll be out there when I can.  I’ll have to sell whatever remains – tractors, tools, trailer, and other farming and ranching goods.  My ETA is about mid-August, 2019.  If there is something you have your eye on and wish to buy or take, please make an offer on it.  You know how to get hold of me (contact).

I cannot believe it’s been nearly two years since Father passed away.  I miss him.  I’m sure you do, too.

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