ashes at Sparling Cemetary, Elton (Justice), MB

I placed Father’s ashes at Sparling Cemetery in Manitoba today.  Aunt Isobel, Father’s sister, arranged it.  Many people were there.

I also placed Glenn’s ashes beside Father’s.  They’re both in leather urns.  I placed the first soil on top, and others followed.  Aunt Isobel placed Uncle Al’s ashes beside his Mom and Dad’s with the first soil.

Phil Harder prepared the cemetery.  He conducted a heart-felt ceremony and read some verses from the Bible.  His dedication to the care of Sparling Cemetery is very much appreciated.

There their ashes will rest forever.  In the end, we all go back to our origins. 2018/Sherry’s/ – Cousin Sherry’s pictures

Thank you to everyone who was there and offered coffee, conversation, and caring.

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