Now comes the uncomfortable part of dealing with Father’s things.

Father’s Will is now in the Probate process, and the Estate is under my control.  You can contact me if you wish.

There are people asking me about his property (real property and otherwise).  All of his property will be dealt with according to his wishes.  The lawyer will send a copy of the Will to everyone who is to have access to it.

The house cannot be sold yet.  All is suspended until the Will completes Probate.  There have been many people expressing interest in purchasing the house.  This can’t and won’t happen until sometime next year, I should think.  How long is Probate?  I was told upwards of a year after application.

If you have property / belongings at Father’s house, please talk with me.  No, it won’t be sold off or taken away.  I’m in no hurry to start liquidating.  If there is something that has value to you and you wish to have it, again – talk to me.  For example, Glenn stored his Coca~Cola memorabilia there.  Les, his son, will collect these keepsakes when the time comes.  If Father owns you something, contact me.

On that note, we may have a yard sale at some point.  TBA.

In the mean time, Laura is living there and looking after things – the house, Cash, the chickens, the yards, etc.  Please do not go to the house to talk about stuff.  She’s not going to steal stuff!  And she’s not able to sell / give you stuff.  Laura was there for Father during his last days and made this time comfortable and without worry.  Please make her feel the same.

In the mean time, we wait.

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